Soundtrack for a Missing Movie, Part 1 of 3

It’s funny how the human mind works. I hadn’t really listened to Kiss for almost twenty years—not since I owned Crazy Nights and Smashes, Thrashes & Hits … on cassette! But near the end of 2009, out of the blue, I found myself reenlisting in the Kiss Army. I began to buy Kiss music, including their most obscure studio album and the source of this three-post series—1981’s Music from “The Elder.”

Music from “The Elder” came about at a time when Kiss found themselves at an ironic crossroads. The softer approach of Dynasty and Unmasked, as well as extensive world tours, had increased their global appeal. But at the same time, their newfound pop sensibilities alienated many American fans, who missed the four-headed rock behemoth of old. A concept album wasn’t an advisable way to win the fans back, but that was what they got. The hope must have been that old ally Bob Ezrin, who had recently worked with Pink Floyd on The Wall, would bring some of the old Destroyer magic on board. The result was a flop that hasn’t even reached gold status after nearly three decades, but I’ll take Music from “The Elder” over The Wall any day of the week.

Why am I blogging about a Kiss album here at OP-dEaD? And not only a Kiss album, but one widely considered to be mediocre at best? Well, Music from “The Elder” was supposed to herald not only the group’s comeback, but also a movie that was ultimately never filmed—or developed to any significant degree, for that matter. When sales were so dismal, there was no reason to pursue the project further. Which leaves fans like yours truly to enjoy the music and wonder what the resultant movie would have been like.

Curious? Check back tomorrow! (I’m trying out a new strategy to keep my posts short and free up some time.)

Part 2

Part 3

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