One Monster to Rule Them All!

In the realms of horror, is there any tradition older or grander than that of the monster? Classical mythology gave us the terrifying likes of sea monster Scylla, who devoured unwary sailors, the man-eating Minotaur in his maze, and the ghastly Gorgons. Medieval folklore told of werewolves, vampires and ghouls. Some of our most celebrated literary works involve monsters—think Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein’s Monster and that pale dude from Transylvania. The ascent of film paved the way for stop-motion dinosaurs, King Kong, and cinematic refinements of classic bugaboos. And the atomic age, with its new fears, produced mutants in the shape of Godzilla, Them! and Tarantula. These titanic terrors could lay waste to entire cities, but they had competition from outer space, as evil aliens descended from the skies to destroy, enslave and devour Earth’s population. And let’s not forget the archetypal serial killer, man revealed as the cruelest monster of all.

Just like Scylla, the monster pantheon is colossal and many-headed. With scores of freaks, fiends and unholy horrors to choose from, how can a poor fan ever pick a favorite? Which monster towers above the rest, reducing the competition to cowering baby bunnies in its mighty shadow?

Do you even have to ask?

Blue fur, bulging eyes, gruff voice, terrible table manners and a legendary hunger. Five trademarks of a monster who can eat and eat and eat some more. This guy’s stupendous appetite is never sated. And while he does have a self-evident favorite food, he’ll gobble up anything, as the below clip demonstrates. According to Wikipedia, it’s exactly 40 years ago today since the subject of this post first graced American television screens, and that certainly warrants a mention. Who is this majestic monster, this king of cookies, this really rather friendly blue beast? Well, there’s only one way to find out. (Actually, I can think of at least three other ways on this post alone, but play along with me, okay?)

Dare you watch today’s clip? Dare you? DARE YOU?!

A clarification for particularly dense readers: This post is not about Kermit the Frog …

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