The End of the Beginning

OP-dEaD has always been an undead blog. Now, sadly, it’s dead. At this very moment, the coroner is working on the remains, skillfully slicing his scalpel through muscly verbs, fatty adjectives and stringy adverbs. With practiced care he lifts bloody nouns from dark openings and weighs them in his scale.

Still, for all his methodic dissection, we already know the cause of death—too little time and a shift in priorities.

But even as you read these words, the contents are being put back in their rightful places, for OP-dEaD wasn’t an organ donor. And every incision is neatly sewn shut. In other words, the blog won’t be deleted anytime soon, especially since some of the posts continue to generate decent amounts of traffic. Hopefully, there’s some useful stuff here for fans of the fantastic.

Thanks for reading!

“It is not the end.

It is not the beginning of the end.

It is the end of the beginning.”

– Sherman the Robot, Millenium (1989)



  1. It’s been a blast following you here, and it’s sad to see you go – but fortunately for me, I feel safe that I’ll be able to enjoy your talent for writing in some other form in the future!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Hilde! I’ll keep writing, all right! Hope you’re having a nice winter, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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  • Legal Disclaimer

    OP-dEaD is a blog of random writings on horror movies. Much of the generated content is founded in opinion, and should not be regarded as authoritative in any way. The aim is simply to provide enthusiastic and generally positive comments on the horror genre, written from a layperson’s point of view. In cases were copyrighted materials are used, the intent is only to enhance the visual experience. The copyright holders retain all ownership of the materials, and any wish from the relevant, and proven, owner to have specific materials removed from OP-dEaD will be respected.