Gloom is Good

December, and as befits my blogging alter ego, I spend all my waking hours in darkness. It’s still night when I get up in the morning, I sit in an office with tinted windows all day, and the sun has dipped below the horizon when I take the subway home. It’s the perfect time of year for horror movies, despite the bright lights and festive decorations. At present, I only wish I had time to actually watch horror movies—or anything else, for that matter! Bare trees, cold rain, and long evenings create the perfect mood for spectral visitors, deranged axe murderers, and unspeakable fiends of every stripe. Oh well, Paranormal Activity is on the cards for Monday. Yay!

Remember when I blogged about Father Ted, right after Halloween? I didn’t include a clip back then, but here’s a link to an unusually reflective moment from an earlier episode. It’s the season one finale, and Father Jack (Frank Kelly) is seemingly dead from floor polish poisoning. Ted and Dougal (Dermot Morgan and Ardal O’Hanlon) stand to inherit a generous amount of money, but only if they carry out an unusual proviso in the older priest’s will. Since Jack was terrified of being buried alive, they have to spend the night with his casket. And in the hush of the small hours, while Dougal sleeps, a pensive Ted paraphrases the closing words of The Dead” by James Joyce


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