Music on a Monday

Here’s a jazzy dose of proto-Goblin, courtesy of the band Seconda Generazione. The virtuoso trio featured two future founders of Goblin, namely keyboard player Claudio Simonetti and drummer Walter Martino. Bassist Stefano Cerri, who passed away in 2000, was apparently an experienced session musician. (He also bore a certain resemblance to former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman!) As you can hear for yourself, some Goblin hallmarks, like complex time signatures and a tight sound, are present and correct. But the vibe is undoubtedly much lighter and a bit more “muso wank.” This clip also features what I would consider a rarity: a drummer who actually uses his gong!

Unfortunately, since I don’t speak Italian, I’m unable to glean much information about Seconda Generazione from the Internet. Cursory detective work leads me to conclude that the fleeting outfit lasted from late 1971 until the following year. In 1972, Simonetti and Martino begat new band Oliver with guitarist Massimo Morante and bassist Fabio Pignatelli—that’s the classic Goblin lineup, btw. Oliver would mutate into Cherry Five, and then, in 1974 or early 1975, the band became Goblin. By that point, band members had come and gone, only for the original Cherry Five lineup to reconvene. While Goblin lasted until 1978, they recorded music for Perché Si Uccidono – La Merde in 1976 as Il Reale Impero Britannico. I haven’t seen the movie, but the soundtrack is very good.

Oh, and before Seconda Generazione, Simonetti and Martino were members of Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray—an indication of the gothic direction to come?


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