“Would anyone like … a peanut?”

Right after I’d gotten off the subway today, I stopped by the newsstand to get my dirty little mitts on the December edition of Empire: “The Icons Issue”. (I’ve read Empire since 1993. I know that because the T-Rex from Jurassic Park was on the cover of the first issue I bought.) This month, there are ten different covers to choose from, and I saw six or seven of them on the shelf. Anyway, I wasn’t about to fork over my hard-earned cash for The Bride (from Kill Bill) or The Joker. Harry Potter? Puh-leeze! I had decided on either James Bond or Jason Bourne, when a welcome sight revealed itself at the very back: Shaun! You know, as in “of the Dead.” And with that, despite a tiny tear in the cover, the choice was obvious. Easy decisions are such a relief!

When I got home, I saw that there’s an additional, subscribers-only cover. It features Ron Burgundy, San Diego’s top anchorman, admiring his mustache in the mirror. That’s actually the cover I would have chosen, had it been available. (Am I committing genre sacrilege by admitting that on my horror blog?) But up against candy-asses like Jack Sparrow and Aragorn, Simon Pegg wielding a cricket bat will do just fine.


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