Town Hall of the Damned

The featurettes on the Outpost region 2 DVD are very good. They’re concise, informative, and populated by people who know their stuff. I especially liked “The Look of Outpost“, about the set design. You’d expect such a large locale to be constructed in something obvious, like an old warehouse, a film studio or, you know, an actual bunker. Or a run-down industrial estate, for that matter, where much of the set dressing would already be in place. But as it turns out, the bunker used in Outpost was constructed inside Old Govan Town Hall, near Glasgow; it’s pretty bizarre to see production designer Max Berman amid the balcony seats, overlooking the set below. I guess this was the cheapest option, and as always, necessity is the mother of invention.


How to put an old town hall to good use.

Note: Franz Ferdinand recorded their latest album in the same, cavernous space. Go here for an interesting article about their experiences, and a nice description of the building’s interiors. There’s a reference to The Shining and everything!


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