What’s in store for Halloween?

Halloween is almost upon us—the year’s holiday highlight for any horror buff worth his or her salt. Basically, if you don’t watch a horror movie (or three) on Halloween night, you might as well pack it in and start collecting porcelain unicorns or something. I don’t remember what I watched last year, to be honest, but I can assure you that it was bloody and/or creepy. It always is, because that’s the law. And as to what I’ll be watching this year, I haven’t decided yet. I do know, however, what I’ll be blogging about over OP-dEaD’s three-day “Halloween Special” weekend. Here are three tasty hints for you to chew on. You’ll probably notice a theme …

First …


Friday: An understandably obscure zombie flick.

And then …


Saturday: A rightfully lauded zombie classic.

And finally …


Sunday: A very funny zombie parody. (No, not THAT one!)

See you on Friday!


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