Wednesday Wig Out!

Punk snobs would have you believe that The Ramones recorded nothing of value after their first four albums—that is to say, after 1978. Well, I disagree. Why put a band down simply because they grew to be more competent musicians and were willing to experiment? The lyrics still had a wacky streak, their work ethic remained rock solid and “da brudders” never complained about the mainstream success that eluded them. They just did their job, and they did it well.

The postal service is taking its sweet time delivering my Pet Sematary DVDs, so in the meantime I’ll get down to this memorable ditty from 1989:

The Ramones must have liked the song, too—they kept playing it live until they disbanded in 1996. They even played it at their very last show.

“1, 2, 3, 4!”


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