“Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! Get off me, zombie!”

Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that one! Actually, it’s a quote from the hysterically funny movie Step Brothers. Broad comedies, with their loose structure, are often conducive to abrupt shifts in tone, and this is a perfect example—as if I’d give you a bad one! Even the darker moments of Step Brothers make you laugh. I guess I’m just saying that it can be very effective when an unrelated genre suddenly invades a movie.



Step Brothers deals with two grown men who are forced to live together when their parents get married. Here, Dale (John C. Reilly) believes that he’s killed Brennan (Will Ferrell) with a cymbal. His immediate course of action is, naturally, to dig a grave in the yard. However, Brennan isn’t dead—he just used “ninja focus to slow my heart rate down.” And he proceeds to thwack Dale on the head with a shovel. Thus, Dale ends up in the grave and gets buried alive. But soon after, with a growl, he rises from the cold earth!


"Don't you touch my drums!"

Brennan seems to believe that he’s up against a ghoul, but his moment of terror is short-lived. There’s a short scuffle on the lawn, and then the two guys fall asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning, they wake up next to the neighbor’s German shepherd, and the movie continues on its merry way.


"I will kiss you right on the mouth, Kenny Rogers."

Edit – April 12, 2010: There used to be a link to YouTube here, but I just noticed that the clip has been removed. Sorry to anyone who clicked on the dead link.



  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for posting these pics. Such a hilarious movie.

    We shared the pic of Dale coming out of the ground on our blog as well.


    Preston | Co-founder of DRYNK.ME | Find Your Next Drink

    • Cool! Glad the old, undead blog could be of use. Much like a zombie, it appears to be dead, but it shows signs of life whenever someone leaves a comment. And I agree, it’s a hilarious movie. N.

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